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Steam Deck as a new controller

Hey everyone! Recently I shipped an update to robot’s software, now it can be controlled from a steam deck!

Search and rescue walking robot

Hey! Checkout my new robot! It’s a hexapod (And how to build it)!

hexapod image

This robot was originally designed by AlexKorvin at thingiverse. When I first saw the robot – I instantly decided to build one. But when I learned more about it- I decided not just build it, but redesigned it a little bit and to significantly improve electronics.

Originally proposed solution (by AlexKorvin):

  • Arduino for control
  • Separate transmitter for live video
  • PS-2 controller + RC hardware for remote control

I didn’t like following designed decisions:

  • Use multiple separate systems to transfer signal (video and controls)
  • Use old PS-2 controllers from aliexpress
  • Lack of persistent storage for configuration

So I decided to redesign it.

I took the original firmware from the Thingiverse project (C code for arduino) and completely rewrote it in python, alongside fixing some bugs and improving functionality. The code here.

I also designed a few additional parts to mount Raspberry Pi and PWM boards.

Also checkout detailed instructions on how to build it! #TODO

RC Tank 2

So it turned out that some guy from thingiverse called Staind made new revision of RC Tank.

I thought it will be great opportunity to spend little bit more time with my descendants by printing and then building this tank together. Meet RC Tank 2 (for now without electronics, but I’ll fix this latter) RC Tank 2 image

It is bigger, heavier but also has some drastic improvements:

  • Designed for brush-less drivers (less power consumption, less heat)
  • Ability to adjust track tension (it really cool, because over the time tracks become loos and you may face driving wheel slipping problem)
  • Mountpoint for GoPro
  • Much easier assembly

I thought it is also a good point to try new remote control protocol. So instead of Raspberry PI and WiFi I decided to use Arduino and NRF24L01 modules. Is is also implies that I will be unable to use android phone to control the tank (like with previous one) and most likely i will need to build RC Controller. But I’ll figure it out later


So I received my youtube bottle and unfortunately it arrived with broken cap. Here is short video how problem have been solved.

RC Tank

So I found some pretty interesting project on thingiverse called RC Tank. Basically it is self-propelled tracking platform. It is assumed to use general RC equipment, but I decided to go another way.

rc tank 1

Noticed that small white part right in the center of the tank. Under this white cover you will find main electronics

rc tank 1 electronics

More details you can find on RC Tank project page

True Story

So basically I decided to recreate this blog once again (4th time).

Let’s start with true, but very sad story about ambitious, but failed project. This is a story about how I tried to build fully sized humanoid robot. Take a look