RC Tank 1

This tank was originally designed by Bryant87 at Thingiverse.

Instead of using standard RC equipment (as suggested in original design) I used raspberry pi zero w to control it over wifi. Doing so allows to add webcam in the future.


New Parts

Original Parts


  • x8 M4x15mm
  • x12 M4x60mm
  • x4 M3x20mm
  • x4 M3x10mm
  • x84 M3x45mm


  • x20 M4
  • x88 M3

To Print

New Parts


Original Parts

  • x2 Drive wheel
  • Basic plate
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear cover
  • x84 Chain link
  • x2 Caster chain tensioning
  • x8 Caster
  • Side part mirrored
  • Side section
  • Stiffening mirrored
  • Stiffening 1x

Source code

Some Footage